Is caregiving the same as volunteering?

In this article we answer the question: Is caregiving the same as volunteering?
Caregiving means nothing more and nothing less than to selflessly care for a loved one. On the Mantelzorgelijk website you’ll find the most important questions about caregiving. Here you’ll find clear answers – without the complicated caregiving terminology – and helpful tips.

The answer is no. Caregiving is not volunteering. A volunteer chooses to help others during his or her free time. Volunteering is always your own decision. You enjoy supporting another person during your free time. A caregiver doesn’t choose to take care of a loved one. He or she starts providing care because it is necessary and inevitable.

Most people, whether they want it or not, will face caregiving a few times in their lives. That is when they have to provide care for someone close to them for a few months (and sometimes a few years or for the rest of their lives).

Caregiving has a significant impact on your life. It requires a lot of time, energy and often money as well. And besides beautiful moments it also brings about a lot of worries.

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