As a caregiver, who do you take care of?

Caregiving means nothing more and nothing less than to selflessly care for a loved one. On the Mantelzorgelijk website you’ll find the most important questions about caregiving. You’ll get clear answers – without the complicated caregiving terminology – and helpful tips. In this article we answer the question ‘As a caregiver, who do you take care of?’

As a caregiver you can basically provide care for anybody. Most caregivers however, take care of someone they already know and care about. That person often suffers from a long-term illness, has a disability or is otherwise in need of serious care.

As a caregiver you take care of, for example, (one of) your parents, who aren’t capable of doing certain things themselves anymore. Or you take care of your chronically ill partner. You take care of a neighbor who was in a severe accident and needs long-term rehabilitation. And of course you take care of your physically or mentally challenged child.

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