Can I get financial assistance for caregiving?

Caregiving means nothing more and nothing less than to selflessly care for a loved one. On the Mantelzorgelijk website you’ll find the most important questions about caregiving. Here you’ll find clear answers – without the complicated caregiving terminology – and helpful tips. In this article we answer the question ‘Can I get financial assistance for caregiving?’

The short answer is yes, but not much. In principle, caregivers do not receive money or a salary for their voluntary care for a loved one. However, there are reimbursements that you can apply for at the local government and sometimes your health insurance. Fair is fair, it won’t pay the bills. You’ll often receive less money than the time you’ve actually spent.

Therefore, most caregivers take care of their loved ones out of love. And because that’s the way life goes sometimes. They often care because there is no choice. Because the circumstances just are what they are. But you can take action to get some financial compensation. We’ll gladly help you with that.

Do you want to know more about financial assistance for caregivers? Please have a look here!

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