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What is a care plan, a care profile, a care description and a care agreement? #zorgabc

If you receive health care support from the local government, you can get confused by the terms and difficult words. Care plan, care profile, care description, care agreement… What do these words mean exactly? What is the difference between these documents? And what information do the different authorities need from you?

In this article we’ll explain the difference between four commonly used concepts – and provide you with information about the best way to manage all four of them. This will hopefully make it a little easier for you to find your way in the care jungle.

What is a care plan?

The care plan is sort of a ‘care bible’, a comprehensive summary of all the big and little things that people should pay attention to while fulfilling their caregiver tasks for one person.

The care plan contains everything the care provider needs to know about caring for another person. It is often a big stack of papers, containing the entire health care history of the person for whom the care is intended – plus the objectives of the required care and the way in which those objectives can be achieved. In addition, you write down how those objectives will be measured, and how you will evaluate them.

Things to consider: how many hours a week does someone receive support? What does this support entail exactly? How many hours a week does someone receive care? What exactly does that include? How many minutes are spent to help showering? On which days precisely? And for how long? This is both about the broad outlines and the small details.

When should you make a care plan?

Whenever you receive care from the government, you must make a care plan.

When you receive care under the Long Term Care Act (Wlz). In this case a care plan is mandatory.
When you receive a personal budget (pgb). Sometimes your care office may request a care plan for your personal budget.
When you receive care under the Social Support Act.

How do you create a care plan?

Drawing up a care plan is a lot of work. On, a government website, you will find a lot of information about drawing up a care plan, with all the requirements and links to examples.

Various terms

Unfortunately there are other terms in use for the word ‘care plan’. In most municipalities it is referred to as ‘care plan’, but in some it’s called a ‘care living plan’ or a ‘support plan’.

Usually the care plan is discussed once a year, with your authorized care provider.

What is a care profile?

A care profile is an important document for people who are eligible for care under the Long term Care Act (Wlz). The center for care assessment (CIZ) creates a care profile for everybody who receives care under the Wlz. That profile makes note of the kind of care that the person is entitled to. For instance support/guidance, or nursing, or care taking.

The care profile is therefore a different document than the care plan – since that deals with the fulfillment of the care (see above).

What is a care description?

A care description is only important for people who pay for care from a personal budget (pgb). Once you qualify for the Wlz, you must send a separate description of the required care for each caregiver or care provider. This is a completely different document than the above described care plan. In the care description you only record which activities are being performed by one specific health advocate or supporter, who is being paid from the personal budget (pgb).

Sometimes you have several care providers, all of whom deliver the same service or guidance or support. That’s fine, in that case you fill out a separate ‘care description’ form for each care provider, where the content (the service described) is exactly the same. So that’s just a matter of copy and paste. The only thing that differs on every completed form is the address information for each individual care provider or organization.

A care description does not have to be complicated. Often you don’t need more than one page. Make sure however, that everything matches the compensation list at the municipality care office.

What is a care agreement?

Just like the care description, a care agreement is only important for people with a personal budget (pgb). If you have your own budget to pay for care, you will have to enter into a separate agreement with each of your care providers (the organization or people who will provide care). In these care agreements, which are a type of employment contracts, you put down in writing all agreements between you and your care provider pertaining the work – the assignment, the working hours, the pay, vacations, etcetera.

Because you are the one who holds the budget, you basically are the employer or client of your care provider – even if that is a large health care organization. An employment contract is part of that, and is something the both of you should sign.

Do you want to know more about drawing up a care agreement?

Click on this link from the Social Insurance Bank. Here you will find additional information, and four standard care agreements for different types of care providers:

A care facility
A partner or relative
A ZZP’er (self-employed without employees) or entrepreneur
A care provider that you hire yourself.

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